The 2017 WIN Humanitarian Award will be presented to Academy Award Nominee and Golden Globe winning actress Anne Archer. Women's Image Network (WIN) produces The Women's Image Awards to honor both female and male artists who create dimensional media images to advance the value of women and girls. Since 1993, Women's Image Network (WIN) has celebrated those who create media that promotes gender parity to advance the value of women and girls. The winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on February 17, 2017 at The Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles.
Ms. Archer is the Founder of Artists for Human Rights, a non-profit organization dedicated to shining light on human rights abuses and solutions.  It works with like-minded artists, activists, and philanthropists from all walks of life and allied organizations to eradicate human rights abuses.  AFHR continues to educate the Hollywood community on important issues bringing more artists on board through its quarterly Hope and Human Rights Speaker Series that feature today's leading human rights activists.



Anne is returning to the UK to play Jane Fonda in The Trial of Jane Fonda, a role she previously portrayed when it debuted at the Edinburgh Film Festival in 2014.

The play opens at London's Park Theatre July 14, and runs through Aug. 20, 2016.

The play revolves around the true story of a trip that Jane Fonda took to North Vietnam in 1972, where she is photographed laughing and clapping, astride an anti-aircraft gun, designed to shoot down American planes. Overnight the soldiers' sexy pin-up becomes “Hanoi Jane”; traitor to her country and betrayer of those very young men. The play is set iin Waterbury, CT in 1988, when bitter demonstrations by veterans halt filming on a movie co-starring Fonda and Robert De Niro. Determined to stop her past dictating her future, she requests a meeting and enters a room full of angry men for whom the war still rages. The actual content of the meeting was never divulged. The play conjectures what battles were likely fought in that encounter.

Anne was previously seen in the West End as Mrs. Robinson in The Graduate. Her other extensive stage credits include A Coupla White Chicks Sitting Around Talking (Off Broadway), Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Williamstown Theatre Festival), The Poison Tree (Mark Taper Forum) and The Vagina Monologues (L.A.).

Writer Terry Jastrow has produced and/or directed the television coverage of some of the world’s most important sporting events including six Olympic Games, The Super Bowl, 62 major championships of golf including the Open Championship. The plays he has written and directed include As if it Mattersat the Beverly Hills Playhouse, Eight One Acts over Two Nights at The Acting Center, Hollywood, California, and The Vaginal Lock at the Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles.

It is directed by Joe Harmston, with set design by Sean Cavanagh, sound design and music by Matthew Bugg, video projection design by Louise Rhoades-Brown, lighting by Tony Simpson and costumes by Roberto Surace. It is produced by Acute Theatre Limited and Dann Moss in association with Park Theatre.

To book tickets and for further information, contact the box office on 020 7870 6876 or visit

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Anne Archer The Trial of Jane Fonda
West End return: Anne Archer plays Jane Fonda Idil Sukan.


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In The Grinder episode "For the People,", which aired on April 19, 2016 we meet Lenore Sanders, (Anne Archer) mother of Dean (Rob Lowe) and Stewart (Fred Savage). Her unannounced visit throws everyone off. Dean is set into a panic since Lenore has never approved of his lifestyle, so he convinces Claire to pretend to be his fiancée. And Lenore's ex-husband Dean Sr. (William Devane) is prompted to jump back into the dating scene. Hilarity ensues.

Lenore is portrayed by Anne Archer. She is known for her roles onPrivileged (Laurel Limoges), Ghost Whisperer (Beth Gordon), It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Barbara Reynolds), The L Word (Lenore Pieszecki),Boston Public (Patricia Emerson), Falcon Crest (Cassandra Wilder), and Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (Carol). Archer is also recognized for her roles in the films Fatal Attraction (Michael Douglas' wife), Patriot Games and Clear and Present Danger (Harrison Ford's wife), and the Robert Altman film Short Cuts (Claire, Fred Ward's wife), among others. The Grinder airs Tuesdays at 9:30pm on FOX.

Anne Archer The Grinder




In 2015 Anne appeared in the feature film TRAFFICKED, also starring Ashley Judd. Trafficked from three different worlds, three young women - Sara, a spirited American orphan; Amba, a sheltered college-bound Indian teenager; and Mali, a poor Nigerian villager - band together to survive the horrors of forced prostitution in a Texas brothel, run by the tyrannical Simon. On the verge of losing all hope, and despite terrible odds, Sara unites the girls in a daring escape attempt. It's not only a race against time, but a race against destiny and with a little luck; they just might be able to bring Simon down along the way. Trafficked is a riveting story of organized crime, global human trafficking networks, and above all, the indomitable will to be free.

Anne Archer Trafficked

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The play focuses on a little-known event which occurred in Waterbury, Connecticut on 18 June 1988, where Fonda confronted a room full of hostile war veteran’s intent on boycotting the filming of her movie Stanley & Iris (co-starring Robert de Niro). Many of the controversial and polarising issues that had festered for years regarding Fonda’s activism during the Vietnam War surfaced during the course of this meeting.

The most famous actress of her time, Jane Fonda was vocal in her opposition to the Vietnam War. In 1972 she went to the capital city of North Vietnam, Hanoi, to call worldwide public attention to the Nixon Administration’s cover-up of US policy of deliberately bombing the country’s vital system of dikes. During that trip she made radio broadcasts denouncing as a war crime the US use of antipersonnel bombs banned by the Hague Convention, and visited US POWs. On the final day of her trip, she was photographed laughing and clapping astride a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun. This activity by Fonda caused enormous controversy and galvanized a huge hate campaign amongst the US military and supporters. 

Writer and director Terry Jastrow did extensive research, including travelling to Hanoi to interview Fonda’s guides and interpreters, retracing Fonda’s steps, speaking to eyewitnesses, combing North Vietnamese libraries and film archives all in search of the truth. Jastrow interviewed Fonda herself on a number of occasions, as well as doing comprehensive interviews with dozens of war vets to ensure balance, accuracy and authenticity. 

It is important to note that while Ms. Fonda has contributed time and information to ensure her story is told accurately, she has no creative input or veto power, has never read or seen the play, and has no participation in ownership or proceeds from the production. 


Anne recently completed production on the feature film “Lullaby,” which explores with tremendous humor the power of life. The ensemble cast features Garrett Hedlund (“On The Road” and the upcoming Coen brother’s film "Inside Llewyn Davis.") In addition to Anne, the cast also includes four other Academy Award Nominees: Richard Jenkins, Amy Adams, Jennifer Hudson and Terrence Howard. The film written and directed by Andrew Levitas, will premiere later this year.

Anne has co-produced the soon to be relesed feature film "The Squeeze",  written and directed by her husband Terry Jastrow.  “The Squeeze” is about a talented young golfer who’s never been outside his small Southern rural town and is recruited by a smooth talking gambling addict to head to Vegas to make some serious cash. He soon finds himself embroiled in a deadly game of one upmanship between Riverboat and Jimmy Diamonds, a mobster who’s rather kill than lose a wager …”.

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